Tanigo owns unique technological characteristics (by which the patent is based) that distinguish it from any resembling product in the market:

Two in one

Tanigo consists of a disposable Suction Head & Mirror that is designed to be attached to the existing suction tubes (and therefore also becomes the Tanigo handle).

Two-layer suction

The suction is performed over and beneath the mirror simultaneously, providing highly effective suction. The upper suction layer enables smooth suction of the water drops and particles sprayed on the mirror, providing a clear vision throughout the entire procedure

Mirror angle

The angle of the mirror versus the suction tube / the mirror handle, together with the shapes of the suction intake, are planned and calculated to provide optimal suction.


The high-quality mirror attached to the head is an Anti-Fog mirror.


Patent Registered in Israel and the USA. National phase in Canada, Europe, China

and India