RNDent-IP is a private owned company, established in June 2015.
The company invented “Tanigo”, a Suction-Mirror-Retraction Dental Device.

Management Team

David Tavor
Founder and CEO; Entrepreneur and Medical-device business consultant

Dr. D.M.D. Nissim Avramov (Dentist)
Inventor, Tech advisor and co-founder

Roee Haimovich
Industrial engineer and co-founder

Dana Tamir Tavor

Marketing Manager

The Story

It all began during a routine dental session of David’s wife at Dr. Avramov’s clinic. While drilling into one of her teeth, he suddenly muttered: “I wish I could simplify the treatments by combining the Mirror and the Suction tube…” 

Back home, when telling her husband about her dentist’s idea, David knew right away that this would be his next business challenge.

Some weeks later he started up his new venture (to be called RNDent) together with Dr. Avramov and Roee (the industrial engineer he had been working with in other projects) for the purpose of making “Tanigo” the Suction-Mirror-Retraction all-in-one device. 

The outstanding performance of Tanigo, was achieved by the high-precision engineering and many optimization rounds conducted by the three.